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What is a business coach?

A business coach is someone trained in coaching who specialises in applying coaching to business. They have the skills to bring out the best in others, help sharpen their clients’ focus and support them as they develop their own bespoke business offering them the expertise and ongoing accountability to create bigger and faster results than going alone.

What are the benefits of business coaching? With a business coach, like when a client works with you as their coach, you experience greater clarity about what you want and how best to get there. This, of course, raises your self-confidence knowing you have someone in your corner to ensure you consistently take the right steps to achieve what it is you want. Equally, with a business coach you have someone who is there for when you stumble, faulter and begin to doubt yourself. With a coach you get bigger and faster results than without and, equally, will more likely ensure the journey is an enjoyable one.

What is a business coach not? A business coach is not a "guru". And a business coach is not someone who will simply teach you their way. Just as a fitness coach you don’t simply teach your client how you work out or how you eat every day, a business coach doesn't simply teach you their way.

What is business coaching with Darren Tebbenham? I am a success coach, meaning the goal of our coaching relationship is to clearly define success for you and put a plan in place to deal with what otherwise stops you and proactively surge ahead with your best foot forward. It is to avoid superficial outside work and begin by going a little bit deeper to realise your true potential, build a strong business and ensure the freedom to enjoy life fully.

I do offer a first call for free. This is not a 15 minute "discovery" call to sell you into coaching. It is an hour-long deep dive into your situation, goals and desires to genuinely first serve you. Of course, at the end we can discuss more about how I might help you further. But first, let me just help you.


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