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For Personal Trainers, Coaches & Wellness Professionals

I think EVERY small business owner should have some kind of business coach. Especially, when what brings most new fitness business owners, for example, to become business owners is their love for "fitness" and wanting to inspire others, NOT business. 


When it is one's passion for the technical aspect of doing what you do that most drives you, i.e. helping people, it is really important to ensure you get the help you need to succeed in business. As you do, you get to help more people and, of course, create a lifestyle you can truly enjoy.

I have had several coaches over the years. I invested in coaching, for example, with Michael Gerber's E-Myth mentoring and would certainly at least recommend reading his book the E-Myth Revisited. You might also like to pick up a copy of The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler. 


Beyond reading, I think a good business coach should offer the technical business guidance you sometimes need like how to create a website that actually works (sells), how to send traffic to it and how to reduce the need to always be posting on social media. Like, how to brand one’s marketing materials so that they will most likely connect with their intended audience. But also things like how to develop a product range, price things right or, indeed, accelerate the growth of your business after the first stages of basic client acquisition.


But more than this,

I think a good business coach helps hold their clients more accountable.


I think they help develop their clients as individuals, supporting them to grow and develop with their business. A coach should bring out the BEST in people (not condition them to comply with a pre-set blueprint). 

My retreats help people get-away and immerse themselves in business and personal development to create a truly impactful business centred around the values and goals of its owner, you. 

Interested in attending a business retreat in 2020 in either of our two destinations Spain and the Maldives? Complete the form below to register your interest and we'll keep you up to date with dates and releases. 

Many of those who attend engage in my 12 week personal coaching program first. This is a 12 week coaching program to work with you one-on-one to help you move things forwards, immediately. 

In the first instance I recommend a first coaching call, and it's free. Apply below. 

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