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As a Coach you help clients develop a stronger mindset for success. As a Coach you sell a true solution to people's problems. And as a Coach your No 1 role is to help people create an unstoppable winning mindset, change their behaviours and develop new habits.  

The online space can provide the perfect opportunity to maximise your role as coach and transform people's lives as a lifestyle specialist. 


Now, I'm not saying you have to move to Barbados and work by the sea, but if you want to spend more time with your children or partner; if you want to better enjoy life and create a profitable and flexible fitness business online that provides the freedom and satisfaction working for yourself is supposed to provide, learn to coach online!

An online coaching business will help you better reach out to more people, increase your earning potential and provide flexibility in your life so that you can better enjoy running your own business.

However, just writing programs or sending people videos of exercises is far from "coaching" fitness online. As a true coach you must motivate, guide and support your clients to create new habits and empower them to take back control of their health, weight and fitness for good.

Watch my 20 minute training at the top of this page and download my how to coach fitness online report.
You will learn:


3 cornerstones of success that enable any business in any industry to thrive, and how these exact cornerstones directly apply to how you can "coach" your clients too


5 specific strategies critical to building your successful coaching business without having to waste hours on social media or emailing daily


Why "Coaching" not "Training" will help you truly help clients in the longer term...totally transform the way you think about your role...and ensure you feel confident to "go online" and actually earn money doing something that you love that genuinely makes a difference!


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