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Set your intention | Focus your attention | Enjoy more success

1. Decide

2. Set Goals

3. Take Action

4. Don't Give Up

The reason most people struggle

The reason most peope don't yet have what they really want is that they haven't yet made the decision to get it. Sometimes we have to fall short again and again and again until we are so tired of falling short we finally decide, no more! From this point we become unstoppable. But a decision from which there is no return MUST be made first. When we stop maybeing around and finally make the decision....
our decisions define us.  

This is INTENTION and sometimes people need help to get clear on what it is they truly want once and for all for themselves. This is the coaching process. Until people hear themselves speak out aloud about their highest desires, everything is just noise in their already busy heads. 

That's why I offer a first coaching call absolutely free


To help you get clear & make the one decision that changes everything.

Once you have decided, you need to set some goals.

Goals focus our

You need a couple of what we call outcome goals (these are longer term things you want to accomplish) but mostly you need to start setting weekly process goals (these are actions you need to take daily). 

You need a map; some clarity about where you are at and where you want to get to. But equally you want to enjoy the journey too. Goal setting helps you create your own journey so that you not only feel confident you can get there but that when you do you can say you actually enjoyed the process. 

The reason we set goals is, of course, to take action. The quicker you start taking the right action the sooner you will get to where you want to get. Most people however, are great at setting off but are lousy at following through. Don't give up, become consistent, committed and accountable every week for the specific actions you set. All too often we give up, too soon. And that's why you might need a COACH! 

If you want to take back control of your weight, health and fitness or if you are a trainer and want your business to thrive, the first thing is to recognise there are no quick fixes


Seeking a short-cut will only backfire in the end.

The trick is to get clear about what you want, what is required to get it and then decide whether you want it enough to do what it takes.


i. Know what you want

ii. Understand what it will take to get it

iii. Decide whether you are prepared to do what it takes


Then you need to set goals, take massive action and not give up when the going gets tough. Sounds simple, doesn't it? 

The trouble is prioritising our time and being consistent enough to see through our good intentions can be difficult. This is especially so given the busy lives we live and that we are constantly bombarded with quick-fix messages everywhere we look. 

My role as your Accountability Coach is to help you create Intention-Attention Balance and hold you more accountable each week through your personal 12 week challenge helping you set weekly goals and consistently attain them! 


Darren T

Accountability Coach

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