1. Essentials of coaching

2. Habit Coach

3. Nutrition Coach

4. Online Coach

5. Mindset Coach

6. Stress and Meditation

7. Selling Coaching

8. Coach yourself

Each session in 60-90 minutes


Darren Tebbenham

Darren was previously a University Lecturer in Liverpool having gained his Masters in Sport Psychology before becoming a Personal Trainer. He has worked in cardiac rehabilitation and GP referral, at the Hilton in Regent Street in London, in Spain where he ran his own fitness studio and in Australia at Vision Personal Training, today one the largest PT studio chains in the world.

In 2005 Darren returned from Australia and opened the European Institute of Fitness (EiF). He introduced a new approach to personal trainer education bringing together best practice from Australia with the science of fitness but also the psychology of behaviour change to create a bespoke curriculum for the UK and Europe. 

Today, EiF has graduates in 6 continents across more than 30 different countries around the world. The unique approach, bridging the gap between personal training and life coaching, empowers students to truly transform clients' lives not just improve the way clients look.

Darren has also delivered coach education programs in Australia and the UK teaching the skills associated with being a behaviour change and habit-based coach to already experienced personal trainers.


He offers a coach mentorship for those passionate about developing their skills and business around coaching and has many years of experience in Motivational Interviewing and habit-based coaching. 

Just another guru or the real deal coach educator?

This is what one client had to say:


"We are all trying our best to stand out in a noisy “fitness and weight loss” marketplace. Like our clients, we can get distracted by the latest trends when it comes to nutrition and exercise advice, even though we know the facts. In an attempt to help our clients, we can find ourselves buying into the latest fad and passing it on, in the hope that this time our clients will just do it!


Understanding the power of coaching and being able to practice it well, will silence the noise and the need for you to cross your fingers when you write your next nutrition or exercise plan.  In fact, you’ll stop dishing out plans. You won’t need to.


You’ll feel confident in your knowledge of the science and in your ability to empower your client to meet you halfway. You’ll create a powerful collaboration. You as the expert in fat loss nutrition and exercise and them as the expert in them.


You’ll feel Professional. You’ll believe in your ability to truly help your client change from the inside out (as Darren says) get meaningful results that positively impact every single area of their life.

This is precisely what I am experiencing right now with my clients both in my face to face programs and online.


I now know that I have the secret ingredient, the transferable tools to help my clients to become self-motivated, resourceful and resilient in pursuit of their own meaningful goals. This in turn makes me feel authentic. 

I can now after 25 years,  honestly say that my programs provide a solution that lastsThis feels good and makes selling my programs (something else us PT’s don’t always feel comfortable doing) simple, because I believe in them. 

Darren's teachings have helped me thrive and I would recommend his programs whole-heartedly!"

Listen to what Nicola had to say...

Nicola Wilkinson,  Holistic Health and Fitness Coach

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Investing in your own personal development is, of course, beneficial. However, investing in the right professional development opportunities can literally transform your career and business. 

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