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Build Your Business Your Way


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 Darren Tebbenham, BSc, MSc 

business coaching for PTs


Hey, I am a professional coach and business owner myself. I specialise in helping personal trainers master business. Take my quiz below to audit your current business and then book a call to chat.

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Building your business your way is no mean feat but can be incredibly rewarding.

Following somebody else’s “blueprint” rarely if ever works and won’t leave you with the same feeling of accomplishment either.

When you begin to master business you fall in love with it. You see growing a successful fitness business brings about three things:

i. Financial freedom i.e. the opportunity to stop constantly worrying about where your next client is coming from. It will reduce your day to day stress and prevent you from clouding your desire to earn money from best serving and properly coaching your paying clients.  

ii. Incredible impact i.e. seeing client after client accomplish life-changing results in a reliable, repeatable and predictable way.

iii. Fun and excitement as you experience the growth and development and become the leader and successful business owner I know you will relish.


Business coaching for personal trainers

You just need to –

a. Overcome some self-imposed self-doubt and psychological blocks that cause the patterns of behaviour that keep you from following through on your good intentions to build a better business.

b. See the woods for the trees in this ever-confusing, conflicting and over-hyped marketplace and scramble for a way that works.

c. Get some help just like you recommend for your clients to offer the accountability you need, the expertise, and the drive that you will need to break through to where I know you want to be.


The BIG fat problem as I see it

…is the overwhelm, confusion and frustration that you likely feel and are experiencing right now. The constant small spends that accumulate into a complete waste of time and money.

It’s a bit like the weight loss industry really. You’ve heard “how to drop a dress size in just 14 days following some secret formula that has already transformed hundreds of thousands of people's lives” as well as the huge promises of "6-figure and 7-figure earnings in just 30 days following 5 simple steps". You can see the similarity.

The thing is the more that weight loss clients chase the quick fix to short-cut the hard work, the harder and harder it gets. The more sluggish their metabolism becomes and the more defeatist their mindset embodies itself in the status quo.

Same for you too. The longer you leave getting it right, the more difficult it becomes to overcome your poor habits, limited thinking and, therefore, re-energise the drive that attracted you into this industry in the first place.


Enjoy more freedom, more impact & more fun building your business your way.

Not feeling properly fulfilled in what you do, in terms of your clients getting truly transformational results and you building an unstoppable and highly profitable business is not OK.


You have to be inspiring for your clients and, in turn, inspired by your own success i.e. your growing business.

>>This means being a great Coach and being a great Business Owner

And so if you currently see clients come and go or at least not really experience the result you would wish for them or just can’t seem to build that successful business, here’s what to do.


Build a business that progresses you from training bodies to coaching minds and ultimately changing lives. The more you grow your business (and income) the more lives you change. 


Building your business muscle

Most of the trainers that jump on a call with me or who enrol in one of my programs feels they have a rather messy business or in fact that they don’t really feel, despite having paying clients, that they have much of a business at all.

The problem is their lack of long-term commitment to any one thing.


Instead, they roll from one shiny thing to the next constantly changing direction or at least swapping from one tactic to another like all the time. Again, I have to say, a bit like your weight loss clients!


For your clients, they face long-term health issues both physically and mentally if they don’t sort this. For you, I fear the same and eventual drop-out altogether.

Online Coaching Business

Imagine for one minute owning a business that just works. That offers you the financial freedom, the incredible impact and the fun and enjoyment you most desire. Imagine helping more clients, working less. Imagine being able and enjoying working on your business instead of constantly in it. Imagine having serious fun building it with professional help and guidance.


As your coach, I can help you create this and make it all happen.


I offer three things:

1. Professional business coaching to build your business your way with you.

2. A structured self-paced course to walk you through how to build a coaching business with full 

accountability every step of the way.

3. A business starter pack to guide you whether you are a new trainer looking for help or someone already established as a PT simply ready to get serious about building a fitness business properly.

Liz Slack, Personal Trainer and EiF Graduate. 

Nicola's Coaching Weekend Experience

"To have Darren's expertise at your finger tips is a real bonus." J. Withinshaw, Business Coaching Client

​"It was really good at challenging me to be the best I could be and step away from all the generic stuff out there." B. Grey, Business Coaching Client

Get my latest business coaching report and mini video course - building a successful coaching business.

PS To date I have helped more than 3000 personal trainers from 6 continents and 30 different countries around the world.


Some so-called business coaches sell you their blueprint that they couldn't scale, which is why they are selling it to you.

 I have been helping personal trainers since 2002. I offer myself as a coach to help personal trainers build their business their way because by doing so I get to influence millions of people's lives around the world.


The more successful and impactful you are by being a better coach and growing a better business, the more lives transform through fitness. 


Being a coach isn't what I do but who I am. I look forward to working with you. 

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