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Get Massive & Look lean and mean

Select upper body for Chest, Back, Bicep and Tricep Workout OR select lower body for legs and abs workout. 


For a 1 hour workout do both upper body and lower body. But don't do a while body workout two days in a row. By selecting an upper body workout you can do the next day choosing the lower body workout. The work outs will be the same for a month then change so you have variery. 

The Upper and Lower Body Workouts will take 30-40 minute and cardio is NOT required. Consider it extra at the end only if you have time. After a workout is good to have a protein shake, chicken-nased meal, hard boiled egg or some other protein source.



Resting between sets is critical to ensure quality lifting in the set. Rest should be 1 minute and never less than 45 seconds. 

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