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For those who are sick of following set diet plans that just don't work and trendy workout programs that just don't last.




When it comes to losing weight and getting fit the goal for most is to actually show up in all areas of their lives as mum, dad, friend, colleague, boss or partner in a way that enhances their life.


The goal isn't just to lose weight but gain vitality, health, confidence and feel fit enough to live your best life. 

As an Accountability Coach, my role is to steer your habits and help hold you more accountable to be more consistent and committed to your efforts to lose weight, get fit and feel amazing. 

You see the answer to your problems doesn't lie "out there" in the world waiting to be discovered in the form of another diet plan or workout routine but in your ability to see through your good intentions. 

Darren Tebbenham, BSc, MSc

I was previously a lecturer at Liverpool University, possess a master's degree in psychology and have been a personal trainer and lifestyle coach for the past 20 years. I am also the founder of the European Institute of Fitness and have been teaching personal trainers since 2005. I have worked in cardiac rehabilitation as well as GP referral and believe if there was ever a secret to success it is that one must own the journey to accomplishing what it is you want. Finding a way to become more accountable for your own results is ultimately the key.


My 12-Week Coaching Program
Helps you become more accountable


Weekly 30 min one-on-one coaching calls will ensure you begin each week with the right focus.


Daily Action planning via my accountability app will ensure you remain lazer focused all week.  


Resources and worksheets dripped into your account will ensure you feel 100% confident when it comes to eating and drinking right, most of the time. 


We'll track progress, maintain focus and break through what otherwise holds you back, together. 

It's simple, really. As your coach, my role is to work with you each week for 12 weeks in the first instance to help you feel less overwhelmed, clearer about what needs doing and work with you to get things done. 

Our 30-minute weekly coaching call at the beginning of the week sets the tone for the week, helping you remain focused and highly motivated through the time we work together. Each week we will review progress made and set goals for the week ahead. 

Your weekly goals show as Actions in your Accountability App. 


All the resources you will need are also accessed via you portal as well as all session notes from our calls, metrics we will track as we pick up momentum and more


At the end of the day, my personal coaching program is designed to keep you accountable and help shape your habits so that you can stop the quick fix mentality and frustration of struggling with your weight, health and fitness for good. 

If you have reached a point where you recognise you don't need another diet plan of workout to follow, then why not book a complimentary first coaching call today. 

Just think 12 weeks from now things could be very different enjoying showing up in all areas of your life as the best version of you!



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