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My signature business program Confident To Coach walks you through four modules to create and launch your new coaching business. 

Module One, lesson one is available as a taster here. During module one we get clear about what you truly want, who you wish to work with, the problems your target audience experience and the solution to your market's problems you wish to build. I help you identify and define your why, get excited about how your new-look business needs to best serve you and create some clarity and confidence about the path ahead. 

Other lessons include -

2. Facebook lives

3. You Ltd

4. Mindset

5. Your market

6. Coaching

Module Two, lesson one is available as a taster here also. In this module you will learn to masterfully coach your clients along your roadmap to success. 

Other lessons include - 

2. Your coaching tools

3. Coaching models

4. Accountability

5. Breakout calls

6. Your first consult

7. Coaching skills

8. Consolidate and build

Module Three, lesson one is available as a taster here and helps you map out the journey of your future clients through your client journey starting with how to get them to pay you. You will learn more about how to market to get your future clients and create your own marketing strategy ready to launch


Other lessons include -

2. Client acquisition

3. Review what you know

4. Creating your hook

5. Your sales pitch 

Module Four, lesson one is available as a taster here also and walks you through the full client experience building your confidence that you truly have a solution ready for clients to buy.

Other lessons include - 

2. Your on-boarding

3. Coaching calls

4. Wow management

5. Consolidated systems

6. Client progress

There's much more to coaching with me that just these modules, but the modules help to structure your journey. There are comprehensive worksheets to help you progress through each module and the process is confidence-building, hence the name Confident To Coach. Click below to get my latest business coaching report. 


It's free and we can discuss your situation in detail. I do offer personal coaching too separate from my confident to coach program. But, to be clear, there is absolutely no obligation to make any decisions whatsoever by the end of this call. In fact, I insist you don't. The call will help you think further about your future and your business growth (not my programs). You then should go away and think things through and discuss things with others before jumping in. I need you to be an absolute "hell yes" for this to work, not feeling coerced into something you only kinda want to do. You've done that already and it hasn't got you where you want to be. So, go ahead. Book that call. 

Discuss your unique situation in more detail

Get help to clarify where you most need to focus your attention to create the success you desire

Get help to see your blind spots and free yourself from your current reality once and for all

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