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Clarity & focus

It doesn't matter whether one seeks success in sport, business, in one's relationships, creating more wealth, or helping someone to lose weight, get fit or improve their health, there are two critical components that need to be in place.

The first is CLARITY.

One must get crystal clear with laser-like definition about the outcome one wishes to accomplish. Without this we set off with no clear end in mind and therefore cannot be proactive in our efforts to achieve it and are unable to, therefore, put first things first i.e. to prioritise doing the right things (Stephen Covey's first three habits from 7 Habit of Highly Successful People).

When it comes to success, clarity really is king!

Once clear, we create a vision. Since our brain can only think in pictures, this is really important. And even more so when often we or clients can possess quite negative images around the topic we are trying to master (fitness, weight, business, marketing...whatever).

You see vision creates emotion and emotion drives behaviour. When we procrastinate and invite doubt and uncertainty in, we sabotage success. But when we first get clear; create space in our programs with clients to get clear and, indeed, get clear ourselves, we take control of this first critical factor.

Here's the problem, though. Most people change their mind about what they want, like all the time, do not create a vivid-enough picture in the first place and allow other images and experience to blur whatever picture they do hold prematurely.

When we get super clear, we set off with purpose and purpose (or our why) is powerful.

Once clear we stop our wandering mind. But most Personal Trainers are hit with so much content and differing approaches to marketing and business today, it has become almost impossible to do so.

Indeed, when we spend so much time on social media, our confidence through inappropriate comparison, takes a pounding and any chance of retaining any clear vision can be lost.

The exact same is true for clients, of course. They, too, are hit with so much content and differing perspectives on nutrition and weight loss all claiming to be the best way, they too end up lost, overwhelmed and incredibly frustrated.

So you get clear first; then help your clients get clear too!

Less is more. When you keep things simple, people can understand. But when we provide any more than they need we confuse them. This principle negatively affects sales. Just put yourself in the position of a potential client for a moment. Feel just how overwhelmed they must feel with high carb versus high protein versus calorie counting versus flexible dieting versus metabolic typing versus a whole array of messages from Slimming World, Weight Watches and a whole host of magazine celebrities telling them about their stories of miraculous weight loss. Think how powerful a simple and crystal-clear message is in their world. Getting clear about your own marketing message is really important in a very noisy marketplace.

The second half of the equation is all about FOCUS.

Once clear we can and must focus. If getting clear is about our Intention, getting focused is about our Attention.

The biggest reason people fall short (assuming clear first) is a lack of focus. Social media can alter our focus, reacting to every clients' needs can do the same (as opposed to setting up a clearly communicated and controlled system of communication, for example), and distraction in all its forms, affects our focus.

When it comes to our clients, if only they could stay focused enough for long enough it actually wouldn't matter that much about the details of what they were actually doing, they would accomplish great results. Indeed, often they look for a new and shiny solution, when the problem isn't what they are to do but whether they do it i.e. see it through.

For clients other important stuff like their job, family and friends all can create distraction, never mind the more strategic distraction they find just to avoid the hard work.

And this is why we must coach (and be coached) to help create clarity and remain focused (with the right strategy of course for the relevant success).

Darren T

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