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3 cornerstones of success and how to ensure your online COACHING business thrives

Introduction. I wrote a report to help you decide whether growing an online “coaching” business is for you and, if it is, how to do so in a way that will shape people’s lives more so than any face-to-face “traditional” Personal Training business ever could.

Why write this report? I wrote this report because so many Fitness Professionals and especially Personal Trainers like the idea of taking their business online to create a more flexible life for themselves but end up either procrastinating and never really doing it OR just doing it horribly wrong.

Why can’t I just replicate my face-to-face business online? Trying to replicate a “training” business online is a big mistake. Creating a fitness product in an online environment is certainly exciting and can be extremely lucrative. However, it must offer value and specifically address the problems people face in a way that plays to the strengths of an online environment, not to its weaknesses.

One of the weaknesses of an online environment when it comes to “training” clients is that what is offered can feel nothing more than an online fitness program a client may or may not do, in a similar way that a gym membership offers an opportunity to attend, which clients may or may not do either. However, “coach” people online and you play to the strengths of an online environment. You create the space to coach since your time isn’t taken up counting reps, checking form or resting between sets. In fact, done well, going online can lever your time and expertise in a much more beneficial way that will serve both you and your online clients creating amazing results without the need for equipment, travel or even being in the same physical locality as your client. You will need to counter the fact clients may not know what exercises to complete, how to complete them properly and, of course, you won’t be able to spot them or correct their form in-person. But this is relatively easily addressed with technology and any one of a number of apps available. The rest of this report will focus on how to play to the strengths of an online environment as a “Coach”, not trainer and how to build, therefore, an online coaching business that will thrive. Who is it for? If you are a caring, ambitious and hard-working professional – this is for you. If you are looking for a quick fix and just want to make money without really trying – then this is definitely not for you!

The world is changing, and when you combine “online” with “coaching” you can create a profitable business model that can deliver amazing results without feeling you are short-changing people or vulnerable awaiting someone else to undercut you, out social-media you or outright steel your clients. Done properly, you see, your clients will pay you more, champion you and enable you to feel you are leading your best life, serving others in the most impactful way possible.

There are three cornerstones: Mindset, Strategy and Execution. Download and read the report below -

Download PDF • 1.86MB

Darren T


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