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10 questions to ask yourself about LIFE and BUSINESS

1] Am I living my best life doing what I most want to be doing, most of the time, feeling happy doing it?

2] If not, why not - what stops me making things the way I want them?

3] If I could make things the way I want them and could somehow remove the barriers, what is my IDEAL life?

4] Is life just a dress-rehearsal preparing me for the live show after I'm gone or is it for taking by the scruff of the neck and running with?

5] What amount of money would be my IDEAL amount of money coming in regularly per month every, as my own boss?

6] If I sat down and sketched my IDEAL lifestyle, what would it be like? What time would I get up, how many hours a week would I work, what would I do at the weekends and how many holidays would I take a year, and where would I visit? What car would I drive, what new adventures would I embark upon, who would I most want to work with, how would I spend my spare time?

7] If I'm so content and happy with my life the way it is, why am I still reading this post?

8] What is the meaning of life? Blimey! Seriously, what is life all about? Make it a daring adventure and ensure you feel truly alive and, as you do so, awaken the world around you. Life is amazing - I ask again, are you living your BEST life?

9] And gain, if not, why not? But no BS! No stories permitted. The truth shall set us free - what truly holds you back?

10] Lastly, if there was some action you could take TODAY, any action, but definite ACTION that could be taken to re-write your story and start writing your own fairy-tale, what action would move you forwards today?

Darren T

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