1. Know who your clients are.

Not to "niche" market but to get clear what PROBLEMS you fix! 

2. Create your solution.

The bigger the problem, the more chance people will need your solution. The bigger the problem, the more they will pay. Sell a solution and you won't need to worry about "sales" that much!

3. Create an offer.

Package what you do as a bespoke program to fix the problems you fix. 

4. Ensure you can deliver.

Ensure your skills, systems and program can deliver on the problem you actually say you fix. 

5. Ensure quality delivery every time.

Build systems i.e. set ways of doing things to ensure a consistent result whilst remaining sensitive to individual needs. 

6. Create a clear and crisp message.

To ensure you communicate your why to your market.

7. Prepare your marketing strategy.

A consistent steady way of creating intrigue, converting intrigue into genuine interest and ultimately someone who sees your offer as a solution they need to fix their problems.

8. Develop a simple sales process.

A set way you convert people into paying clients including taking away uneccessary barriers such as easy to use payment gateways. 

9. Create systems to help you manage your business.

Enjoy coaching clients knowing your operations are well-oiled and efficient. 

10. Grow your business with confidence.

With YOUR OWN METHOD now complete you are firmly in control. This will enable you to adapt as you need, respond to changing circumstances and grow your income, your impact and your business success as you choose.  


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