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***You gotta watch this***

After speaking with several people this week I am creating this to help EVERY Master Trainer graduate access amazing mentoring and coaching support to enable them to thrive!


Watch the video. 

Every month:

1] sales and marketing video classes and articles

2] drip fed coach education to better "coach" your clients

3] 2 x LIVE video classes Tuesday & Thursdays

4] principles of good practice reminders

5] new insights into how to be more as a FitPRO

6] every week motivational Monday mindset training

7] question time with video answers

If you are ready to invest in yourself and up your game, this is for you. If you are new and just getting started, this is for you. If you have been a PT for some time now and are ready to grow some more, this is for you.


*This will help you earn more money

*It will help you take your business online should you choose

*It will develop your ability to coach mindset and behaviour change

*It will keep your mindset super-charged

*And it is proactive - you will look forward every single week to my content and support coming right at ya


Nothing to lose, everything to gain - a no-brainer!

Month one, £99.

Month 2 - free.

Thereafter, decide to continue £99 a month, or not.


Sign up here: 

If we don't hit minimum numbers, no worries I will refund immediately. I really hope you can motivate one-another to do this since I am as exited to deliver it as I hope you will be receiving it. Facebook group first, emails will follow.


Watch the video. Sign up today, race to 100.

Can't wait to see you in a video class real soon!




PS no not a pro video, just me saying how it is and sooooo looking forward to working with you


PPS what an awesome resource to have in your back pocket as you stride forwards with confidence!


PPSS the themes each month: online coaching, business building, sales and referral, client management, systems management, coaching skills and practices....amazing!!!!!

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