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If you didn't watch the webinar already, you can watch it here -

If you feel motivated and inspired to get some help to build your coaching business, have you considered my 9 MONTH COACH MENTOR-SHIP?

Monthly One-On-One Video Calls

Designed to develop your coaching ability and help you convert this into a successful coaching business. 

Monthly Group Video Coaching Calls

Designed to work with myself and others on the same mentor-ship to further develop your skills and gain peer support as you put everything into play. 

Monthly Coach Education

All the content from my face-to-face coaching courses via my mobile app to help you learn and apply what you learn to develop into a GREAT coach and business owner. 

You can pay monthly £300. 

Or pay £2250 upfront as a one-off payment to not only save nearly £500 but act as a significant commitment to you and your amazing coaching business ahead. 

We can talk on the phone: book a call or email me. 


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