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How to Build a Successful Coaching Business


Successful small business owners in other industries learn to master business properly as opposed to seeking a quick-fix blueprint to follow, a short-cut to securing a six figure income or a social media hack to "flood their sales funnel with enquiries". I have been teaching health & fitness professionals the business of coaching for two decades. There are a few business principles that can make any business a strong one. I have tried to share them below for you. 

Just click play and I will walk your through the process step by step. 

Watch this video and then you can download this business schematic here.


[i] Our business should be based around what we want to do first; our strengths and interests. It should be build to give us the life we want. Our business either serves us or we serve it. Desire first! The other pillars of success belief, attitude, accountability, action and persistence need to be in place too. That is we must believe in ourselves and in what we do. We need an infectious positive winning attitude. We must be 100% accountable and own our own success. We must take unstoppable action and be persistent i.e. stop giving up at the first hurdle or changing direction like every other weekend.

[ii] Next we must focus on our target market and make sure we are crystal clear about the problems they are experiencing and why they struggle to fix them. When you are super-clear in terms of the outcome they want and how you intend to help them, you can build out a solution.

[iii] When you sell a solution not personal training. A solution not a Facebook group membership. A solution no less, you increase your value.

[iv] You can now build out your signature package. Take your time to build your product. When it's done you should feel amazing and unable to contain your excitement for the people who will buy it, for you know it will solve their problems. Their hard earned cash is far better in your pocket than in their own for when it is in yours they get something far more valuable and that is the solution to their problems they've been looking for for years.

[v] Your product was built out with your very specific market in mind and your very specific and unique strengths and ideals front and centre. It should therefore be unique and you must communicate such USP in your marketing. It's not you who is unique (of course you are too). But it is your product you have created that you have taken the time to create for your specific market.

[vi] Time to market. Marketing is about introducing your target market to your product. You need a strategy. There are many ways to go. So you need to slow down and create a consistent way to let your target market know you exist. You need to avoid what everyone else is doing or get lost in the mix. You need to avoid generic guru-based done-for-you systems or risk looking like everybody else. Market well, then create clients through sales.


[vii] Separating out marketing from sales can help. If marketing is about creating intrigue and interest, sales is about converting intrigue into new clients. This is often about coaching well, likely the very same skill-set that will help your clients get the result they want by changing their behaviours to now help them buy into their own goals and desires.


[viii] There are three key systems to establish early on. Your clear messaging i.e. knowing what you have to say to whom and why. It is communicating your clarity about what your market struggles with, why they have not until now found resolution and what you do that gets to the root cause of their problem. This is key. Then you have your client creation where you convert interest and intrigue you generate about what you do into opportunities to interact and engage with your interested parties. Finally you have your wow management systems where wow exists in the gap between what they expect and what they actually receive once they begin their journey with you.

[ix] Your client journey is all about connecting the result you established as critical at the very beginning of this process with the process itself i.e. their experience. When someone starts because of the clear result they will get that you communicate super-well and continue because of the experience they are now enjoying with you, you've got it!


[x] There are some other systems to ensure are in place too like your client management and finance systems but if you are ticking off the above, you're doing well.

[xi] When you feel masterful when it comes to your coaching and ability to take clients through a coaching journey to help them get the result they want, if feels wonderful. When you master your own business two things happen. One, you grow and develop immensely as its owner, and that feels great. And two, you grow your income, you create proper freedom and can have proper fun doing so.

[xii] It is almost impossible to do all of this without help. It just is. Most fitness professionals indeed small business owners in general got into business not because they love business or felt that business was their thing but because they love the idea of working for themselves, doing things their way and being able to work their own schedule. Their passion is usually for what they do i.e. training and helping people not business per sae. And that's why business coaching exists. Not the mentoring guru done-for-you blueprint stuff all over the internet and particularly Facebook. I mean proper coaching to hold your hand, walk you through the process and help you build a spectacular business you can be proud of the right way with integrity. If you would like some help, contact me.

I offer a four-module self-paced course with constant accountability every step of the way with me personally to help. Click below to take you to a page to access the first lesson in each of the four modules that make up my full business course for free. 

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