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Forget done-for-you blueprints. There are limitless clients out there who need you. Building your own business or practice can be exciting and fun. 

With a coach you accelerate your personal growth, your progress and your profits!


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The secret to success is to sell a solution.




I help fitness & health professionals  be better coaches.

I help them be better business owners.

This in turn helps more people change

If you are sick of done-for-you blueprints and cheat sheets that never deliver and are ready to build YOUR business YOUR way...



5 Simple Keys to Business Success

Growing your business can feel daunting and scary. My coaching offers a helping hand to see the way ahead, tackle the roadblocks that stand in your way and help you thrive!  


My name is Darren Tebbenham and I am a Coach. 

I coach Personal Trainers to take more action. I help them take bigger action. Action that creates the results they want in their lives. This is what success coaching is all about.


I help hold them more accountable for their own success. I support them as they grow their business and help them feel more confident knowing they’ve got someone in their corner with their best long term interests at heart.  


It can be lonely in business and daunting to build your future on your own. In order to accelerate things and grow your income, your impact and your freedom by having a coach yourself is just like your clients wanting to improve their mental and physical wellbeing by getting a coach too.


Concluding you don’t need one, can’t afford one or haven’t got time for one is like your clients trying to do the impossible on their own too. Getting a coach is a must for any trainer wishing to champion coaching in their own business.



My master's degree is in sport psychology. I have been a University lecturer in Liverpool where I taught sport and exercise psychology to undergraduate students. My PhD would have been in Motivational Interviewing in Cardiac Rehabilitation until I quit to become a Personal Trainer in London. I have worked in both a hospital setting as well as in GP referral. I have been a PT in Australia where I lived for four years. I have run my own studio in Spain and currently co-own Gloo Fitness, a PT studio in Stratford Upon Avon. I have helped more than 3000 personal trainers with their fitness careers across 6 continents and in more than 30 different countries around the world. As a coach this is the experience I bring to the table to help you realise your potential and first dream and then create and grow your exceptional fitness business. 

I have been a Personal Trainer. 

I was PT at the Hilton in Regent Street, London, at Vision Personal Training in Sydney, Australia today one of the largest PT studio chains in the world. I ran my own fitness studio and mobile PT business in Spain. Today, with Allison Rumgay, I run Gloo Fitness Studio helping people stick to their good intentions of losing weight and getting fit for good. 

A business owner. 

I founded the European Institute of Fitness in 2005, a company that qualifies people as certified fitness professionals. We have schools in the UK, are opening in Paris with centres in Malta as well as in the Maldives offering a bespoke program of education to bridge the gap between life coaching and personal training.

A business mentor. 

I have run business retreats for trainers to get away and work ON their business instead of IN it. And I coach a range of clients online to help them build their fitness business with confidence.

A meditation instructor. 

I have a passion for mental fitness not just physical and as part of the process of developing good mental health we must practice daily meditation to help quieten a busy mind and develop the mental strength necessary. Indeed, to truely succeed one must master mindset to help remove the breaks and break free from what otherwise holds us back. Ready to start a journey together. I would love to arrange a first chat to see if I can help... 

My Philosophy

Life is no dress rehearsal. We have just one go at it to live our best life and, in fact, create it the way we want it. If we continue to do what we have been doing, we will likely continue to get what we have been getting. To achieve something different we must do something different. The way we think about things changes things. How we choose to see things changes how things are.


A coach brings out the best in people; helps them see things differently and empowers them to be their best self and ultimately create a better business and a better life for themselves! 

My Principles

I live by three guiding principles.

i. We can have anything we wish in life we just can’t have everything. With success comes sacrifice. The game is to decide what we actually want and then make getting it a priority including getting help to see our blind spots and overcome the many roadblocks that get in the way.


ii. When we go after what we want there will always be such roadblocks. Our struggles make us stronger and by embracing E+R=O that is Events (E) don’t cause Outcomes (O) but the way we choose to Respond (R) to them does - we can become more resilient.


iii. My third guiding principle is Ready FIRE Aim since there is no time like the present. The sooner we begin the quicker we will be able to embrace the journey and so stop procrastinating and just do it.


My Coaching Method

I do not believe in blueprints, plug and play solutions and done-for-you tactics. The best way to accomplish what it is you want is to create your own path.


It doesn't matter whether in the context of losing weight and getting fit, building a fitness business or changing careers. Quick fixes, diet plans, blueprints and any kind of short-cut whatsoever, just doesn't work (in the long-term). And creating your own path is easier than most people think.  

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Liz SlackPersonal Trainer and EiF Graduate. 

Well, that's probably about it. I have self-published a couple of books, presented at national conferences in sports science and cardiac rehabilitation, published in peer reviewed journals and love inspiring others to be their best self.  Other than that message me if you want to know more or if you think I can help you.

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