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Would you like to be a better coach and grow an authentic coaching business that serves you?

Coaching is about empowering others to get clear, get focused and become more resilient. Ultimately, coaching helps you offer a genuine solution to your clients' problems. And when you solve problems, selling the solution becomes easy. 

Hi, my name is
Darren Tebbenham.


Here's the problem I try and help people fix: Despite people's good intentions, they keep falling short. 


On their own, and they are not sure why, but things keep getting in the way, efforts they make go seemingly unrewarded, and they end up frustrated.


That said I also help those with a burning desire to be absolutely awesome who just know they will accomplish great things quicker and with more precision with a coach than without one.


I love the idea of people wanting to serve others and create an awesome busines for themselves in the process. My coach mentor-ship enables exactly this. 

I specialise in helping people build a "coaching" business centred around mindset and behaviour change. In most cases, but not all, to do so online - or at least with an online component to their face-to-face work with clients. 

Darren Tebbenham, BSc, MSc

I run a School of Personal Training in the UK, in the Maldives and in the Middle East, with graduates today across 6 continents and in more than 30 countries around the world. A unique feature is the importance we place on being a mindset & lifestyle coach. My Coach Mentor-Ship helps trainers take their coaching and coaching practice to a whole new level.

Mindset Matters

my 9 month coach mentor-ship 
helps you create an unstoppable winning mindset and in turn coach others to do the same. 

 Monthly group video calls will ensure you apply what you learn developing you as a leader in your field.  


Fortnightly one-on-one personal coaching will ensure you refine your coaching skills and grow your coaching business with confidence.  

Monthly drip-fed coach education will help you develop as a mindset and lifestyle transformation coach.  

A face-to-face 3-hr workshop (or online/Zoom equivalent) to sharpen your focus as and when the time is right (in conjunction with EiF UK course schedule). 

Grow your face-to-face coaching business, take your practice online or integrate face-to-face training with a strong online coaching arm and become a leader in your field. 

 All the help you need with your website, Facebook ads, product development, resource creation, skills training, and more....someone else in your corner who's got your back! 

Most other professions such as counselling, physiotherapy, even hair dressing and beauty therapy offer a period of supervised experience or mentor-ship after qualification. 


Instead, Personal Trainers receive constant promises of a 7 figure income working minimal hours if only they buy and follow a proven business blueprint OR end up burned out working 60 hour weeks in a health club. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. 

Most trainers merely treat the symptoms of their clients problems selling them typically 8-week fitness programs to lose weight, tone up and get fit. You see weight gain, getting out of shape and experiencing poor health and fitness are all symptoms of what is wrong, not the root cause.


Dieting temporally fixes such symptoms as can surgery. And, if not careful, exercise and low carb, high protein/fat nutritional programs will only treat the symptoms too.


When we create programs and develop the skills we need to dig a little deeper we will discover what is truly wrong and causing such symptoms.

There are literally millions and millions of people all around the world struggling with their weight, health and fitness who need YOU. They need you to help them change from the inside out. Coaching is your ticket to accomplish exactly this. And when you do, you will change the way people think, the way they feel and the way they consistently act - changing habits that will last forever. 

And this is the not-no-secret secret that will catapult you and your fitness business forwards. Your secret weapon isn't your knowledge of anatomy, programming, your own physique or your marketing and it certainly isn't someone else's blueprint. Your secret weapon is your ability to coach an unstoppable winning mindset and facilitate behaviour change consistently enough to foster new habits. 


And when you do - you and your business will thrive!

My Coach Mentor-Ship will help you do just this. 

It will help you become a great coach.
Your mindset | Your coaching skills

It will guide you to create your own bespoke coaching program.

Your philosophy, principles, resources and delivery

It will enable you to launch or re-launch yourself with confidence.

Your message, marketing, sales and continual business growth

Create your own unstoppable mindset.

This is the single most important factor when it comes to success

Learn how to teach others to do the same.

Help your clients get clear, get focused and become more resilient

Develop your coaching skills.

Learn how to coach new habits & help client become more resourceful

Identify the root cause of your market's problems.

Help clients see what is really wrong and therefore the help they need

Create a bespoke solution.

Develop a true coaching solution that will transform clients lives 

Develop your product and all necessary resources.

Make sure your product is first class to make your marketing easier 

Prepare your message and marketing strategy.

Your message, marketing, sales and referral

Launch or re-launch with confidence.

Show up as a true business and stop tiptoeing around following others

Grow a coaching business that serves you.

Become a leader in your niche and love what you do

£2250 or £300 monthly

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