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Success is Simple.

4 simple steps

1. Decide

2. Set Goals

3. Take Action

4. Don't Give Up

The reason most people struggle

The reason most peope don't yet have what they really want is that they haven't yet make the decision to get it. Sometimes we have to fall short again and again and again until we are so tired of falling short we finally decide no more. From this point we become unstoppable. But a decision from which there is no retrun MUST be first made. When we stop maybeing around and finally make the decision....our decisions define us.  

This is INTENTION and sometimes people need to help to get clear on what it is they truly want once and for all for themselves. This is the coaching process,. Until people hear themselves outaloud everything is just noise in their already busy heads. 

That's why I offer a first coaching call absolutely free


To help you get get clear make the ONE decision that changes everything.

Once you have decided you need to set some goals. You need a couple of what we call outcome goals (these are longer term things you want to accomlish) but mostly you need to start setting weekely process goals (these are action you need to take daily). 

You need a map; some clarity about where you are at and where you want to get to. But equally you want to enjoy the journey too. Goal setting helps you create your own journey so that you not only feel confident you can get there but that when you do you can say you actually enjoyed getting there. 

The reason we set goals is, of course, to take action. The quicker you start taking the right action the sooner you will get to where you want to get. Most people however, are great at setting off but are lousey at following through. That is we must become consistent, committed and accountable every week for the specific actions we need to take to be successful. 

All too ofter we give up, too soon. And that's why you might need an Accountability Coach! 

Real Coaches SMILE

Real Coaches SMILE
Real Coaches SMILE

Real Coaches SMILE

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Intention Attention balance

Intention Attention balance

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Understanding & Mastering Mindset

Understanding & Mastering Mindset

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Can I tell you about my NEW Coach Education Program?


I have been teaching trainers to bridge the gap between life coaching and personal training for more than 20 years. You can read and hear about what past participants have thought about my programs on the about me page and main EiF website.



Interactive App to teach you how to master your own mindset and then those of others you coach.



June 1st 

21 daily lessons with 10 core coaching habits to master how to SMILE as a real coach.


Daily lessons delivered direct to your mobile phone and/or tablet

Interact with your coach as you progress through all 21 coaching lessons including audio and video content

10 coaching habits to master with resources to download and use with your clients

My App-Book. Learning to better coach the way people think and behave can enable you to create even better and more sustainable results in your clients' lives. It can help you reach out to more people, especially online, and it can help you develop personally as well as professionally.


Of course you could buy a book on motivational interviewing or listen to a podcast on behavioural coaching. And people do. But, mostly NOTHING changes.


You see knowledge isn’t power!

The application of knowledge is where power truly lies.


My App-Book helps you learn faster with written, visual and auditory learning in daily bite-sized lessons. You will also have access to your coach throughout to help apply your learning through various planned activities and worksheets. There are downloads to use with your clients and examples of how to apply each lesson whether coaching face-to-face, online, one-to-one or with groups.


My App-Book transforms the way people learn and will help you to better help your clients.


Don’t let any more clients struggle. Create unstoppable confidence as a real coach….and smile!

First Up...


Education Program

Part One

The Power of Coaching and how it can not only transform the lives of your clients but your own life and business too! 

How to use the power of your own struggles and uniqueness and show up as the sort of coach that doesn't need "techniques" and "tricks" to create sustainable results with their clients but, instead, coaches with authenticity and integrity. 

Packed with self-discovery, many ah-ha moments and opportunity to discover fully your own super-power, this insightful first session sets the scene for how to build your own coaching practice and unstoppable coaching business. 

We will clarify what we mean by coaching, the essence of person-centred coaching, what it is about real coaching that works and why an advice-giving alternative is limited. Not just a philosophy but a powerful way to help others take back control of their own lives for good.  

Part Two

How REAL Coaching Works so that you STOP trying to fix the wrong problems and start digging deeper to discover what is really holding your clients back.

How to apply my 6-step coaching method designed to get straight to the root cause of clients' problems.

Master the essential ABCs of coaching and the three asking strategies - asking to discover, asking to understand and asking to help solve.

Master all six types of coaching sessions and the exact sequences of questions you need for each. 

Part Three

Great Coaches Smile and coach from the inside out.

Once the science of coaching feels ingrained our SMILE formula will help you master the art of coaching. These six principles will transform your coaching and, with my 7 essential resources every coach needs to translate education into coaching, you will feel ready to integrate coaching fully into your existing business or establish it as a standalone service. 

Part Four

Mindset Matters so power-up and help people shift the way they think.

Understand what we mean by mindset, and that it is not actually set. Learn how to reset someone else's mind and prevent "mental blocks" from sabotaging their best efforts.

Learn more about why the mind needs clarity and focus and how to develop mental toughness and resilience so that your clients finally better see things through.

Part Five

Coaching Imperfection

Knowledge isn't power. It's the application of knowledge that creates true power. Practice makes permanent and connection trumps perfection every time. This session is all about practice, practice, practice. We will present common scenarios and how to respond. You will also practice, and feed back. Recognising being real and being truly present is mostly what you need to do (but isn't always easy when your own mind is busy, busy, busy).

Part Six

Making Business Easier by applying the principles of REAL coaching to yourself and your coaching business. 

Coaching won't necessarily make you rich. But trying to be someone you're not, like being an online marketer, will likely leave you poor. This session teaches you how to lever your role as coach, sell a solution and grow your profitable and impactful in-person or online coaching business that genuinely changes people's lives. You will figure out how you can best market your super-power and learn finally, and unquestionably without a shadow of doubt the secret is success as a coaching business, which is ___________________. All will be revealed!

And then....

Create your own bespoke Client Transformation Program

Be a Lifestyle Transformation Coach

Monthly face to face training to develop your ability to coach like a pro and then begin to create your bespoke coaching programs for your clients. Choose face-to-face with a strong online component, an integrated model combining personal training with lifestyle coaching or a standalone online coaching arm and run your business from your laptop from anywhere in the world. 


Launch your new coaching business with confidence

With your own coach by your side ensuring your success!

Create your marketing strategy including website, Facebook ads and sales system and build your clientele with my help. 

£300 monthly or £2250 if paid upfront in full.

Want to find out more, ask a question or setup a complimentary call to discuss things further? Complete the form below...

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