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As coaches we need to embrace three fundamental aspects of our role.

[1] Direct Coaching - We must possess the necessary coaching skills to optimise our face-to-face one-on-one or small group coaching whether in person or via Zoom or Skype or other video call software.

[2] In-Direct Coaching - We need to create resources for guided self-help i.e. facilitate changes in the way clients think that challenge their assumptions and beliefs and, indeed, meaning they give different experiences in their life. And we can support this work through guided self-help.  

[3] Behaviour Management - And we need to become proficient at behavioural coaching to best influence and support the adoption and maintenance of new behaviours and habits.

Doing all three of these things well truly will distinguish you as a standout coach.

Look, thanks for staying with me so far. We could go on. Indeed, we could talk through how to be a great coach all day long. But be sure of this.

Being a great coach will completely transform your business.

Whether you integrate better and more coaching into your everyday PT practice, choose to take your business or a new arm to your business online or decide to become an out-and-out fitness and transformation coach and stop being a “personal trainer” altogether is up to you. But when you learn to coach more than you train you will begin to differentiate yourself from all those other so-called online coaches who do little more than offer a programming service with video-based exercise instruction and closed Facebook group to add value.


When you are ready, you won’t need to compete on price, worry about daily posts and “free content” for you truly will hold the key to what stops clients achieving what they most desire, and all that will be left to do is give them a choice.


They can take the blue pill and stay as they are and continue to go around in circles or they can take the red pill and awaken their inner spirit and make changes in their life that will last forever.

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