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"Mindset is about the patterns of thinking that underpin clients’ behaviours and habits. Mindset refers to how our minds are 'set' based on our assumptions, beliefs and experiences in life".


However, despite the term, our minds can be unset and reprogrammed to create a different result than the one we keep getting.


We program our minds with three key ingredients clarity, focus and resilience. Clarity refers to the crystal-clear vision we need to initiate re-programming, and focus is about where we put our daily attention. Finally, resilience is about mental toughness and learning to prepare for setbacks and struggles along the journey.


All too often, however, clients can create the wrong image in their mind. They focus on what they don’t want instead what they do want and so keep getting more of the same. They become easily distracted and influenced by others, their environment and their own self-talk and, far from having resilience, give up at the first hurdle.


So long as clients choose to focus on weight loss, they will struggle. Whilst they attempt to squeeze fitness into their already busy lives, they will struggle. And as they focus on the superficial and not the deep desire that underpins change, they will not likely sustain any kind of meaningful change.

Sure, we can manage them through a few weeks of fitness and our accelerated fat loss eating regime, and sure they can lose some weight. Indeed, over a few months quite a lot of weight. But, whilst their change comes from us and our programs, the chance of them sustaining such results is limited.


You see, our role is NOT simply to change clients’ behaviours. For meaningful change we need to help clients change from the inside out. This means not only helping them change their behaviours but also their mindset addressing the cause of their weight management problems or lack of ability to get fit and be healthy, not the symptoms. 

We must coach the person who needs to change their habits NOT the habits themselves. 

This is an essential role for us as their coach, not just trainer. And in the role of coach, we have three primary functions. 


But, what are these three primary functions as their Coach you ask?

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