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As you know my name is Darren and I specialise in helping professionals like yourself to develop their ability to truly coach their clients to change their behaviours and habits and, therefore, genuinely transform their clients' lives through fitness.


It will be your ability to coach an unstoppable client mindset, influence clients' nutritional choices and, of course, train them in a time-efficient way that will distinguish you from every other trainer out there. 


When you break away from selling your time for money and, instead, package what you do as a SOLUTION to your clients' problems you will stand out from the pack.

I believe coaching can help clients get clear, get focused and be more resilient to finally see through their good intentions.

Motivation is, indeed, important. It is what offers a sense of direction and fuels effort, especially during the initial stages of change. But when you help clients own their own drive and, indeed, commitment to change you help them to change from the inside out.


Taking too much responsibility for your clients’ results actually dis-empowers them. The key is to help clients be more resourceful and this can often be quite difficult. But when they are, your role certainly changes from fixer to facilitator.


As your clients get clear about what they truly want, and often to begin they really aren't that clear at all, you help them hold new images in their mind. Such images enable visualisation and, therefore, emotion that can help fuel change. Once clear, you can then help clients to change their daily focus and begin to become more resilient, especially as the going gets tough.


At the end of the day, coaching helps clients to define their journey ahead empowering them to take back control and change from the inside out once and for all.  


Let’s talk about how to better coach clients to do exactly this and, I hope by the end, help you feel a whole lot clearer and more confident about how and why to further develop your coaching in your business.


If you are looking for a “hack”, “trick” or “fancy coaching technique” to short-cut things, well, this probably isn’t for you.

But if you want a clear and practical guide to not only learn more about coaching but how you might put this stuff into play in your business, well, let’s get started.

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