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Build your highly successful coaching program with me in just 28 days.

Four Modules

I will coach you through my four modules to create your program, develop the advertising to sell it, coaching method to deliver on it and leave you ready to sell places onto your new bespoke program. 


Darren was previously a lecturer at Liverpool University. He possesses a master's degree in psychology and has been a personal trainer and lifestyle coach for the past 20 years. He is also the founder of the European Institute of Fitness, an experienced business coach and creator of the 28 day business builder program. 

understand the real problem

develop a true solution

Create a compelling offer

Hi, my name is
Darren Tebbenham.


Here's the problem I try and help people fix: Despite people's good intentions, they often struggle to create the business and income they desire. They look for quick fixes in terms of free webinars, Facebook groups and even paid blueprints and secret formulas to follow. However, what's really wrong is their wavering mindset, inconsistency in their efforts and confusion and overwhelm in terms of what to do for the best. 

Let's turn the tables. What if -

1. YOU told ME that you had identified an area of my life I wanted to improve, indeed that I wanted to thrive in that I am currently struggling with and that you could help me fix it. I would be pleased, right!


2. You help me clarify for myself what thriving in that area of my life would actually be like, compared with my current struggle. 

3. I realise that I've been struggling with the problem for some time and know I won't likely fix it on my own. Afterall, the evidence seems compelling, I just need to look at my current results, or lack of them.

4. So, you offer me a 28-day personal coaching and accountability program explaining that it’s me that needs to do the work rather than hoping for a miracle formula, blueprint or plan that will work wonders without me really needing to engage in it.


We agree there just aren’t any quick fixes to fix what is actually wrong and that I needed to become more committed, consistent and ultimately more accountable for myself and my own results than I ever had been in the past.

5. You tell me that from here on in following the lessons inside each of four modules each week will meet to discuss implementation and application to ensure I consistently take the right actions to begin to create my own blueprint for success i.e. my own method and approach I can truly get behind and champion.

6. You help me understand that this time I will start each week feeling highly motivated, clear and ready to do what I need to do, knowing I will receive reminders, helpful resources and have the ability to check in and sign off on completed tasks as I complete them so that I stay focused even when I am really busy. 

7. I realise that by tracking my progress in the Accountability App you give me access to that you will also help me be more resilient to get everything done that needs doing. And I am excited that this time I have someone who really does have my back.

8. I realise the error of my ways. I have not had this kind of clarity before and I understand the focus I will need but how this program will provide it. I know I have fallen for quick fixes before and got lost in all the "marketing" hype around building a 6-figure business. 


I see that it is me that needs to step up and get crystal-clear and lazer-focused and simply more accountable to actually see through my good intentions.


9. I decide I’m in! I pay your fees knowing without doing so I am not fully buying into my own goals. And I understand, of course, it’s the only way to get your help that I realise I really do need. I know on my own I might not get the result I want. And I want to feel amazing knowing this area of my life that I have struggled with for a long time now, can thrive. I can’t wait to get started.

10. 28 days later I sense myself showing up better in all areas of my life realising the power of having a coach as well as being a coach for my own clients.


"The business coaching I have received has helped transform my business and enabled me to build it around my own strength."

Nadia DeMarco

The 4-3-2-1 Method


"It was really good at challenging me to be the best I could be and step away from all the generic stuff out there to be better. It really helped me move forwards and take my business thinking to the next level!"

Ben Grey

You Cubed


"To have Darren's expertise at your finger tips is a real bonus. The app is super-easy to use and being able to carry it around makes things incredibly flexible. Your accountability is now with you always, which is a must for PT's that want to dig deep, to learn more about themselves and their business."

John Withinshaw

JDW Fitness


I have no doubt if you are currently stuck and not getting to where you want to be in your fitness practice or business that in the first instance a coaching call with me, will indeed help! 

Your first job is to clarify what it is you actually want (your intention) and investigate a little further where your focus (attention) needs to be. I can help with this.

Your first call is free.


No strings attached. This is not a sales call at all. I know that the only way you will buy into coaching for yourself is to experience the coaching process for yourself.


I think we often make the mistake of confusing following somebody else's "way" from what "business coaching" is really all about i.e. helping people find their own way!

If the big guy in the gym gave the little guy his program to follow to get big and called this personal training we would have an issue!

And if a successful online trainer gave her business plan to a newbie online trainer including Facebook ads and funnel details using such language as hacks and formulas and then called it business coaching, I have an issue since this is NOT business coaching!  

So, what is business coaching? 

Well, when we consider fitness coaching we are talking about first understanding the client, asking about their needs and desires to then create with them a roadmap to get from where they are currently at to where they want to be.


Along the journey, the fitness coach will lend their expertise in such matters of nutrition and exercise and even stress and relaxation. But at no point would the fitness coach say, hey just follow my plan.


Business coaching is not mentoring. It is not merely providing education and isn't something you can easily do in a group. Coaching someone in business is about discovering what the coachee really wants helping them get really clear about their own why and how their business can become an extension of them.


It is about creating a roadmap from where they are currently at to where they want to be. Along the journey a business coach will lend their expertise in such matters of marketing, product development, sales and client acquisition to assist, but at no point will they say, look this is what I did just copy the formula!

Watch this video training. Originally recorded for our business retreats, my latest 28 day business builder borrows from this work making it even more accessible. 

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