Who is Darren Tebbenham?

I won't bore you with unnecessary detail. But I guess you should know a little about my background. 

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Business Owner

So, you should know I've been a Personal Trainer. 

I was PT at the Langham Hilton in Regent Street, London, at Vision Personal Training in Sydney, Australia today one of the largest PT studio chains in the world with 50 studios across Australia and a $40 million a year annual turnover. I was at the very first. PS I lived in Australia for 4 years. And in Spain where I ran my own fitness studio and mobile PT business. 

And I have been a Coach. 

My Masters degree is in sport psychology. I then became fascinated with exercise psychology, before becoming a University lecturer in Liverpool and, for three years, taught sport and exercise psychology to undergraduate students. During this time my PhD was in Motivational Interviewing in Cardiac Rehabilitation until I quit to become a Personal Trainer and Coach in London - see above. During this time I delivered coaching sessions in a hospital setting and then in GP referral, which carried over into my personal training once I made my career change...

I am a business owner. 

I am the owner of the European Institute of Fitness. Founded in 2005, we have PT Schools in the UK, the Maldives and Bahrain. Indeed, we have graduates in six continents and more than 30 different countries around the world. 

I am a business coach. 

I run business retreats in Spain for trainers to get away and work ON their business instead of IN it.


And I coach a range of clients online to help them build their fitness business with confidence.


I don't support the notion of buying or copying somebody else's "blueprint" for success assuming what allegedly worked for someone else to make money will work for you. In the same way I don't believe how you keep fit should be the blueprint for your clients either.


I believe in helping others create their own formula for success personalised and tailored to their situation and circumstance. 

And I am lucky to have such amazing clients and students. 

Thank you. I love being a coach and hope if you are ready and would either like a coach or feel ready to become a REAL coach and SMILE....I might hear from you soon. 

"It was really good at challenging me to be the best I could be and step away from all the generic stuff out there to be better. It really helped me move forwards and take my business thinking to the next level!"

Ben Grey

You Cubed

"The business coaching I have received has helped transform my business and enabled me to build it around my own strength."

Nadia DeMarco

The 4-3-2-1 Method

"To have Darren's expertise at your finger tips is a real bonus. The app is super-easy to use and being able to carry it around makes things incredibly flexible. Your accountability is now with you always, which is a must for PT's that want to dig deep, to learn more about themselves and their business."

John Withinshaw

JDW Fitness

Nicola Wilkinson

Personal Trainer and Health Coach as well as Coach Education attendee. 

Well that's probably about all that is even slightly interesting. I mean I have two lovely children, I live in Spain, enjoy kayaking, running, cycling and a bit of gym. I have self-published a couple of books, presented at national conferences in sports science and cardiac rehabilitation, and published in peer reviewed journals.  Other than that message me if you want to know more.


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